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Bennetts Tree Care specializes in stump grinding, utilizing powerful yet lightweight equipment that comes in a variety of sizes for easy manoeuvrability. Our equipment is ideal for delicate jobs and can fit through narrow side gates and into back gardens or courtyards. Our team of stump grinding specialists can grind stumps down to 18 inches below ground level, producing stump mulch that is a natural nutrient for the soil. The hole left behind can be filled with the stump mulch or covered with topsoil, allowing for new trees or bushes to be planted.

We take pride in our ability to handle jobs quickly and efficiently, always working at the convenience of our customers. You can contact us today or fill out our online form to receive a quote without needing to schedule an appointment.

Our services cover the removal of tree stumps of all sizes, including those in difficult locations. We have a range of equipment to suit various needs, from small narrow access grinders for domestic gardens to large track-mounted grinders for commercial sites preparing for building or civil engineering projects. If site access and ground conditions permit, we can also grub-out stumps and larger lateral roots using a specially adapted tracked excavator. Trust Bennetts Tree Care for all your stump grinding needs.

Regenerate response

  • Will a Tree regrow from the tree Stump once it's been stump Grounded?
    no is the short answer When stump grinding is done properly, the stump will be gone and no further trees will regrow from it
  • Is there a Benefit to having a Tree Stump Ground rather than Extracted?
    Yes, ity very difficult to remove stumps this makes a huge mess and leaves a big whole stump can usually be ground in only a short amount of time around 20-30 where digging them out can be a all day job.
  • What does Tree Stump Grinding Cost?
    The cost of stump grinding will vary depending on the size of the stump and how easy it is to access. Local, easily accessible stumps can cost as little as £75, where larger ones will obviously cost more. we offer great day rates for commercial customers please fill out the form we can send over a cost. and you dont need to sit down
  • How is stump grining Performed?
    With a special machine that will essentially chip away at the stump until all that remains is sawdust. This does not remove the roots of the stump,

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