Tree stump removal service 

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We will tackle any size of stump and grind below ground level, from small back gardens to large construction sites and everything in between.

we are based in wokingham and work throughout the berkshire area we work for a nuber of people from domestic to commercial and other tree and garden Companies removing stumps fro them at  Using our wide range of the latest stump grinders we safely remove tree stumps to make way for new plantings, or to prevent the spread of disease from fungus’s and pathogens such as honey fungus.

Stump grinding is far more effective than other methods such as mechanical digging, winching or poisoning and also much cheaper and safer. If you are fed up of tripping on that annoying tree stump give us a call and we can arrange a quote. Quite often you will be able to send us a photo and we can provide you with an estimate to remove the tree stump in question after viewing the photo.

Just email me how many stumps you need grinding and each stumps widest diameter measured at ground level and if possible email me a couple of photos with a cup or mug on the stump to give a perspective of its size. I will then email you a price for the job. Send your photos to or can whats app 07826422707

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