how we stump grind and why 

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Although the stump grinding equipment is strong, it is light weight and comes in a variety of easy-to-manoeuvre sizes. The equipment is able to fit through narrow gates and into backyards, courtyards and gardens to take care of delicate jobs. Stump grinding specialists can grind a stump down to 12 inches below ground level which produces stump mulch, a natural nutrient for the soil. The hole that remains may be covered with the stump mulch or covered with topsoil so that a new tree or bush may be planted. Our specialist network are able to schedule and handle jobs quickly, efficiently and at the customer’s convenience.
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When trees begin to sprout from a stump, that's a good sign that the root system – and therefore the stump itself – is still alive. When grinding is done properly, the stump will die and no further trees will regrow from it

Will a tree regrow from the stump once it's been ground?

The cost of stump grinding will vary depending on the size of the stump and how easy it is to access. Local, easily accessible stumps can cost as little as £60, where larger ones will obviously cost more. we offer great day rates for commercial customers 

What does tree stump grinding cost?

Yes, very difficult to remove stumps can usually be ground in only a short amount of time.

Is there a benefit to having a tree stump ground rather than extracted?

With a special machine that will essentially chip away at the stump until all that remains is sawdust. This does not remove the roots of the stump, which means they must be either left, dug up or extracted by hand.

How is it performed?


bennetts tree stump removal in wokingham reading we can remove the smallest tree stumps to the largest of tree stumps, even in the most difficult locations. With small Narrow Access Grinders to large Track Mounted Stump Grinders we can remove one single stump in a Domestic back garden, or multiple stumps on Commercial sites in preparation for building or civil engineering projects. Alternatively, if site access and ground conditions permit, we can Grub-Out Stumps and the larger lateral roots by means of a specially adapted tracked Excavator.